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Unless your website visitors have crazy speed-reading skills, it's a safe bet that they digest information they see and hear faster than information they read. 

Website video is an effective way to bring visitors to your site through improved search engine rankings, get them to focus on your message in multiple ways  and get them to spend more time on your website. This means they are spending more time exposed to your product or service

Using JJTS to create video content offers the unique advantage over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it SHOWS them. This is the difference between passive and active engagement. As a rule, people learn and remember information better if they are actively engaged. Effective website video accomplishes the goal of your website actively engaging visitors

If you offer a service let us come and see how you work, what makes you different and why people should use you. We'll capture everything and produce a real attention-grabber.

Video for business: Headliner


If you want to find out more about who we've produced content for, have a read of the case studies below and then chat with us to see how we can help you

Designer in Studio


A series of videos that introduced the Tri-Synergy team, the company ethos and the way they work. After refreshing their brand and introducing video elements to their site they found traffic increasing and their site appearing higher on search engine rankings

Senior Citizen Exercise Class


As part of our social media sessions we welcomed the Clarity Care team along. They had a 15 minute chat with our presenter who helped them really tell their story. This session was streamed live to their audience and has since been uploaded to their website and other social media accounts

Happy Pup


Our relationship with Guide Dogs goes back over 5 years. Producing high quality video for events, internal training & marketing purposes. We love working with the various teams to help them carry on their valuable work

Video for business: My Productions


The Answers You Need

You might have questions about the services we offer. It's always best to chat to us using one of the methods at the bottom of this page but maybe we can answer a few for you here


These questions are frequently asked... doesn't mean it has an easy answer!

If you have a product that people would benefit from seeing up close & personal then a day in our studio giving a highly detailed demo might be exactly what you need on your website.

If you walk dogs.. let's come along and capture your interactions with the pack.

Own a pub? Show your audience your pint pulling skills!

If you are the unique selling point of your business why don't you come along to our studio and chat to one of our presenters, they'll put you at ease we'll capture a conversation in which you really let your personality shine. Letting the world see why they should pick up the phone to you.

See? not an easy one to answer!


All our equipment is of touring grade. That means wherever we need to film, you'll have the whole package.

If we're not coming to you then you're very welcome at one of our studios. We associate with various studios closely as well as having our own. TNT in West Sussex, Hamble studios in Hampshire as well as our own in Wiltshire!

Having our business model based on one-off projects in various locations without having all our eggs in a single studio basket means our overheads are very low and your hard earned money is going straight into the production value of your video.


Our primary shooting kit consists of 2 Sony 4k broadcast quality cameras with various grip bits & pieces like tripods, a studio jib and 8 metre dolly. A Rode shotgun microphone kit is what we generally tour with but if we're filming in a location where sound is key, our broadcast sound kit comes along with our TV soundie Dave.

A full 5 point LED lighting kit is also the standard we provide

Video for business: FAQ


Video for business: Testimonials

15 years in the industry. Started in lighting which sparked his interest in the other visual elements of production. Often browsing the latest specifications & technology or sat behind the edit suite & 3D animation setup. An accomplished camera director and showcaller makes him the hub of information on shoots & events.

James Jones


To find out more about what we've done, what kits we have or just want to chat to one of the team.... (probably James) fill in the form below or click one of the phone numbers to get straight through

For exclusive deals on studio usage or filming packages call today!

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